Children as young as 11 years old are being sold for sex in the US


myth vs. fact

  • Myth: Sex trafficking doesn’t happen here

  • Fact: Texas is the #2 state in Human Trafficking

  • Myth: All traffickers are “strangers”

  • Fact: A trafficker can be someone you know or your family knows. Kids are recruited on the internet, in schools, in parks, at malls. Any child is vulnerable.

  • Myth: I would know if my child was at risk

  • Fact: A child may be living at home, attending school and STILL BEING SOLD FOR SEX

Protect Our Children: Educate Yourself

Trafficked Teens is a project of the San Antonio section of the National Council of Jewish Women developed to help raise awareness about trafficking.  For more information on this project and/or to schedule a presentation, contact

Indications that a child is a victim

Red flags for parents, teachers, coaches, and family members

  • Unexplained gifts, jewelry or cell phones

  • A controlling boyfriend or relationship

  • Vague and inconsistent stories about activities and whereabouts

  • Marked changes in behavior and speech

  • Hidden phone/computer communications

  • Online presence indicates sexual activity

  • Chronically runs away from home

  • Unexplained absences from school

Red flags for medical personnel service providers and for the public

  • Claims to be an adult but has adolescent features

  • Won’t make eye contact

  • Shows signs of abuse or neglect

  • Responses and IDs controlled by someone else

  • Appears afraid, depressed, nervous, defensive

  • Indicates or implies has engaged in sex for money

Do Not Intervene Directly!

If you suspect someone is being trafficked or you want more information, please call:

  • San Antonio Police (non-emergency): 210-207-7273

  • National Trafficking Hotline Number: 888-373-7888

  • Centro-Seguro Drop-in Center: 210-340-8090

  • BCFS/Common Threads Advocacy: 888-8Thread (888-884-7323)

For more information on this program, please email us at